10 Ways To Know if You are Gen-X

10 Ways To Know if you are Gen-X

  1. You know what a latch-key kid is. You probably were one.
  2. You can name at least 5 kiddie horror movies in addition to Rosemary’s Baby that all came out while you were a kid.
  3. You are certain Obama is a Gen-X’er.
  4. You know at least 5 people who were laid off in the last month.
  5. Friends your age call you an optimist because you don’t believe in Peak Oil or other doomsday scenarios.
  6. You shot Coca-Cola out your nose the first time you saw a “Baby on Board” sign in the back of a car
  7. You think the designation “Generation X” is stupid.
  8. You’ve had more jobs in the last 5 years than your parents had in their lifetimes.
  9. You don’t trust your kid’s teachers, especially if they are over 50 years old.
  10. You remember riding in a car at age 6 without at booster seat!