Homeland Generation

Copied from Lifecourse.com

The Homeland Generation (born 2005–?) are arriving now in America’s nurseries. These will include the babies born between now and the mid 2020s. Their always-on-guard nurturing style will be set substantially by Gen-X parents, legislators, and media producers. Already gaining a reputation for extreme sheltering, Xer stay-at-home dads and “security moms” will not want to see their own children relive the Dazed and Confused childhood they recall from the 1960s and ‘70s. The protective rules initiated for Millennials will become customary, no longer controversial. Homelanders will receive “total situation” childcare, surveilled by digital-mobile technology, emotionally screened by psychological software, and guarded from inappropriate media through entertainment controls. At the same time, public attention to and celebration of children, which peaked with Millennials, will begin to drop. The adult world will turn its attention to larger public problems as structured methods and institutions point out the “easy way” to raise kids and keep them safe.