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If you are new to generational research, here are a few starting points for understanding how the generational cycles work.



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  1. 50
    years ago a Civic president, John F Kennedy, had been assasinated by
    Owswald. Now Boomers are writing alternate histories if Kennedy lived.
    Strauss and Howe hinted that the Millennials would produce the next JFK
    in their books. How good a president would Kennedy would be remembered
    if he lived? How would the 60′s been different? Let alone the Second
    Turning? How well were the Millennials taught about JFK? Or Kennedy
    would be the Millennials in 2040 as well as many otjher GI presidents
    like Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagen and it was mentioned that Bush
    Sr. would be a Millennial by the late 2060′s.

    How well would the Harry Potter books sell with the generations after
    Millennials? Homelanders and Mills Prophet kids? We know Millennials
    love them but what would their take be?

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    Angelo Losito November 6, 2013 at 12:58 am


    As a 1979 cohort: I believe this is my exact location: I was too young
    to remember the 70′s like most core Xers. I remember the 90′s childhood
    and youth era very well.

    Strauss and Howe would place me X. I wonder how strongly do Bill and Neil look at the GenX Millennial Cusp?

    > Your Result Seal

    > Older Gen Y, Young Gen X

    > Your birthday probably falls in the no-man’s land of generational
    definitions, which in this case is between 1977 and 1981. You share
    memories with both generations, but you are considered the first wave of
    the Gen Y movement to hit the workplace. You probably endured skeptic
    looks from Gen Xers, and Boomers probably didn’t know how to take your
    tell-it-like-it-is attitude. But you have a lot in common with Gen Y
    when it comes to family and a work-life balance. If you watched your
    parents burning both ends of the candle to achieve the all-American
    dream, leaving you to miss out on having them around as much as you
    would have liked, you know there has to be something better. And you’re
    set on finding it. – See more at:

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