Generation X: Badboys to the Last

Remember that cute little kid on Family Ties?


The actor that played him, Brian Bonsall, was born at the end of 1981, putting him right on the cusp of [X]. It appears after his acting career he has lived up to the expectations/stereotype of the generation. Here’s his most recent photo:

Now Brian Bonsall

This is a mugshot from his recent arrest for assault. Looks like he is really living into the badboy image of Gen X.

5 thoughts on “Generation X: Badboys to the Last”

  1. I was born in 1979. That would make me X. Yet I hear people pushing when Millennials started earlier like in 1978. Bill Strauss and Neil Howe put in 1982 with the class of 2000. Answers please?

  2. Those borders are always hard to pin down. I like Strauss and Howe's dates, but it varies by individual.

    So being born in '79 makes you an X'er but since you are on the cusp it is likely you can understand the traits of both X and Mill.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. I remember the 1980's movies about babies about the Millennials. Three men and a baby, Raising Arizona, Baby Boom. Yes they were more positive thatn the horror kid movies of the 70's. Millennials were just being born. My parents divorced when I was 17. I remember the end of the cold war.

  4. Wow, even when he was born towards the end of the generation x time period, it still sounds like he had many of what people consider the typical characteristics of a generation x person.

  5. Now if I started listening to Millennial music and watch Millennial TV, would that change my generational membership?

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