Martha Stewart Grumpy about Generation X’ers

Martha Stewart (born 1941, making her part of the Silent (born 1925-1942)) seems to be quite judgemental about [X]. Listen to her comments about X’er Rachael Ray:

And next about X’er Sarah Palin:

I suppose the high moral ground that Martha occupies gives her right to judge her juniors. Her attitude seems more Boomer (born 1943-1960) than Silent to me.

7 thoughts on “Martha Stewart Grumpy about Generation X’ers”

  1. Rachel Ray is no Martha Stewart and thank goodness for that! Martha has her place and she should stick to it, it ads value, especially to the Boomers. But so does Rachel in a different, Gen X way. I would rather hang out in the kitchen with Rachel even if some of her food does hit the floor. Martha would probably run my hands under scalding water as punishment and for sanitation for such carelessnes.

  2. Martha The Monster may be by age a silent generation member (she's definitely a member in any case) but her smugness is all Boomer! Which also includes being bitter at her impending in inexorable irrelevancy, not to mention increasing hagginess.

    Rachel is classy and Hot!

    1. Yeah, I agree that the attitude is very Boomer, and she sits on the cusp. I see her attitude as a combo of Silent and Boomer: Silent being \”we just don't act that way\” and Boomer being \”I'm better than them\”.

  3. she is too horrible for wrods. i agree with both daves. i saw that interview w mcfadden. you probably missed the part where she makes her farm hands sweep up the pink granite gravel from her driveway every winter. and, the poncho never caught on. =/

  4. I don't know if Martha is so bad as much as she has bad manners. I watch Rachel almost every day (because I telecommute and if I didn't have her on in the background I think I'd really lose it). Rach is soooo Gen X. And what most of us have learned is to not engage in arguments with Boomers – just hand over the rope and wait for the situation to solve itself. (And you guys are right, Martha is acting extremely Boomer-esque.

    Another thing that's so X about Rach is that, like so many of us, she does not look for the complicated way to do things, just to be complicated. If I can cook dinner in 30 minutes – why take 60?

  5. Stewart"s comments regarding Palin I see less as less generational and more reflective of a the class consciousness of the limousine Left. This view of Palin is pure NY and Washington boilerplate cocktail party chatter.

  6. I was fortunate enough to have a presentation of generations, and their significance and meanings at the Sacramento Waldorf School by Mr. Dave Sohigian. Developments in understanding generations is awesome in so many ways, in that we have the ability to predict the changes in tide from crisis to high etc. However, as this particular article displays, there is potential for animosity between generations, almost like for instance political parties. This article is a possible reflection of that generation to generation disagreement.

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