Slackonomics: Generation X Rocks!

I just finished reading Slackonomics, by Lisa Chamberlain, and I highly recommend it.

Chamberlain manages to pack a lot into this small format, 188 page book about the role of [X]┬áin modern society. The style is an easy read and most chapter contain interviews with iconic Gen X’ers. Rather than focusing on pop-culture references, Chamberlain looks at the social and economic environment that Generation X now inhabits and what they are doing about it.

Chamberlain is an excellent writer, with the sort of dry wit that most Gen X’ers appreciate. The chapters weave a subtle narrative of how our generation is coping with the challenging times we face today and why our pragmatic attitude is so important. I highly recommend the book for anyone trying to understand Generation X and gain an appreciation for what we have to offer.

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