Great post: Future Bright for Gen X

Another great post from JenX67 (Twitter: @JenJMcCollum) at with an optimistic point of view for Generation X (born 1961-1981). All of her points are excellent, and I particularly like this one:

We Will Answer An Historic Calling.
According to an article written by Alex Steffen, Peak Population and Generation X, the historic calling of Generation X is to save the planet. Human population peaked in the late 1960s, an event that will eventually be considered the most significant demographic in the history of humankind. Another peak awaits us. Prior to this second peak, Generation X will reach its professional prime. Thus, Generation X has an opportunity to make key leadership decisions in regard to the planet. These include creating the model for a zero-carbon, zero-waste civilization; empowering women through reproduction education; and sustainably raising the prospects for people, especially women, in developing countries.

Definitely worth a read:

2 thoughts on “Great post: Future Bright for Gen X”

  1. Thanks, Dave! I appreciate the link! Don't you think the conversation about Gen X is picking up speed? Somedays, it's hard to stick it out, but I believe in this dialogue. Maybe Guy Kawasaki will make it happen yet.

  2. Clue – putting stock in Boomer derived over reaction and hyperbole regarding environmental issues is not becoming of an Xer. We must not give up on capitalism. We must instead free it. We must shrink government. We must also prepare for real threats, geopolitical ones far more deadly than whatever impact GHGs might have (or not have).

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