Millennial Generation Teamwork in Video Games

A viral video of a gaming session that went around a while ago that is interesting to watch from a generational perspective. It is a recording of a “World of Warcraft” session showing the group strategizing before a battle that ends up a disaster. The thing I find interesting is the amount of discussion going on before they go to battle. I don’t play video games anymore, and when I did we never had this level of teamwork. Is this the Millennial (born 1982-200?) training ground?

I realize that most gamers today are in the mid-30’s and older (Generation X, born 1961-1981), but I bet that the younger gamers are A LOT more teamwork focused.

PS. If you have never browsed, you should. It is the funniest Millennial research you can do…

2 thoughts on “Millennial Generation Teamwork in Video Games”

  1. Nope. 20 yrs old and i hate teamwork in video games. I dont play video games to be social with people. Thats what real life is for. Any game that rewards teamwork is instantly lable faggotry in my book.

  2. The video's staged anyway. Nobody calculates the probability of success on WoW, cause it's.. well, because it's not really possible/meaningful to. Most of the groups I end up with in my game of choice are the usual idiots. No evidence to be found here of the broad character of a generation.

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