Generation X Theme Song: A Punch in the Face

photo credit: √oхέƒx

Is this the new rap anthem for Generation X? You be the judge.

A new blog from Gen X’er Chris Curtin. Is this the anthem for our generation? Or should we go with “Smells like Teen Spirit“? You be the judge:

Here is an MP3 of the instant classic “Punch In the Face” an old school rap I wrote and recorded at Legacy Funk studios in New York.


“Punch In the Face” — or “PITF” –, chronicles my personal frustrations with growing up and — let’s face it — growing old(er).

The blog is quite funny. Each post is subtitled “A Punch in the Face” and Chris has a way of showing the truly miserable side of everything from vacations to granite countertops. Check it out.

3 thoughts on “Generation X Theme Song: A Punch in the Face”

    1. @Tommy, I agree. Found it on Flickr and it spoke to me. That’s the beauty of Creative Commons licensing – as long as I put an attribution he was fine having the picture distributed. Ain’t the commons grand?


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