The Millennial Generation’s Rebellion

The Millennial generation is rebelling from it’s parents and society, just like every generation before. But the form this rebellion takes is unique and has not been seen in over 85 years. Learn how the cycle of generations predicts what will come next in our society

In this webinar posted on Slideshare, I discuss how the Millennial generation is rejecting and rebelling against the values and ideals of it’s elders. This will shape our society in surprising ways in the next 15 years. Watch the slideshow with audio below to learn more:

3 thoughts on “The Millennial Generation’s Rebellion”

  1. I haven’t read your more current posts from 2014 on, but am curious if you go back and look at your prior posts to see how things met your expectations. This post is very interesting because at the time of this post in 2009 President Obama was new in his post. His ideal of hope and change didn’t exactly happen — I think you have currently playing itself out in Congress what I will dub “The Great Clash of the Ideals” (2010-present). It represents the least productive Congress in US history because the preachers of the Boomer generation are having trouble sorting through all of those ideals. This Great Clash left no room for President Obama’s platform of hope and change. As more of the Baby Boomers make their way out of Congress and as more Millenials step up, I think you may find that their platform isn’t so much Global Warming/Peak Oil, but inequality and disparity. Take a look at the “Great Recession” and the “1%”. And the numerous examples in wage/income disparity, gender/race/sexual orientation inequality. There are many events right now shaping perceptions such as the Union busting in Wisconsin and other states, racial tensions and protests over the loss of life for Trayvon Martin & Michael Brown, the inability of future generations to rely on “safety systems” such as social security. The Millennial Generation is the most diverse in US history. It will have alot to say about inequality and disparity, but also how they hope and wish for opportunity for everyone.

  2. The Millennials are the most diverse now, but as they get married and have kids, those kids will be the most diverse by 2050. Obama has had a polarized congress from Boomers. Millennial will enter congress with a United consensus and a homogenization of different ethics backgrounds into a national community. Millennial will try a bridge a new middle class. Post Millennials will be more pluralisitc. They will see this Millennial dream shallow and unattainable for everyone as Boomers and Silent told the G Is in the 20th CENTURY. I remember Trayvon Martin and Micheal Bros. Stories. I found that Millennials were just as divided on the issue of race in some places. Also that the perpetrators and victims were Millennial on both sides.

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