How Generations Predict The Future

Part of understanding the cycle of generations is being able to see how the unique character of each generation varies as they pass through the stages of life.
I created a chart recently to describe the attitudes of various generations as they passed through time. In this webinar I describe the chart, piece by piece, to give a better understanding of the cycles involved. You may want to view Part 1 of Understanding Generations first. You can download the hi-res PDF version of the chart.

4 thoughts on “How Generations Predict The Future”

  1. Once and for all, I have to tell you this for your additional consideration :
    It is true that it would predictively seem worldly unfruitful for the Gen X but the One Worldly Government that is vehemently crusaded by the Boomers and to be undoubtedly delivered by the predominantly confident collective values of the Gen Y will succumb after its preliminary exciting appeal. On the other hand the skepticism of the Gen X which fuel their pre-sensed and inexplicable drive for pragmatism will be justifiably founded when their ideals that will generally raised into the Gen Z will finally triumph during the period of the 5th turning crisis of 2023-2025 when the world is actually being reintroduced to the eternal reality of existence of this present world. So do please have more faith and realistic confidence in the uniquely self independent and individualized aspects of our generation. The world is inevitable going global and the 'tough' characteristic which we acquired is never meant to be utilized and end in vain because it may be true that the unsuspecting optimism and attitude of the gen Y is fueling the connectivity for the materialization of the one globally governed world, but after the collapse of its initial optimistic short lived early period, the one world will fall back down to the people who knows how to and what to keep things running and that is undoubtedly the pragmatic independent self-reliant characteristic of the Xers who in these upcoming period as their life lesson has to and will be forced to learn to cooperate and coming up between each other by defying their natural skepticism in securing the future of their generations and the world. UNITY IN DIVERSITY THROUGH ADVERSITY.

  2. Wheres the accompanying audio track? I’m new to your blog and I gotta say, I really love learning about people and U.S. History, and all of this is so cool it makes me wanna be an anthropologist or something. I’d really love to hear what you have to say about Generational Attitudes!

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