Generations Overview

A while back I created a slideshow that described the generations of the last 100 years. I used a chart in that presentation that helps visually represent the cycles, but I did not post the actual chart. So here it is in high resolution PDF. You can watch this slideshow to fully understand the chart:

4 thoughts on “Generations Overview”

  1. Thank you so much for this visual!
    As GenY, I always have a hard time sifting through detailed books like this for simple ways I can help make a change. From your visual, I now understand how to explain the generational differences to people. I think a basic understanding of this helps everyone recognize that we're all on the same boat – we just may not all agree on which route to take to our destination.
    Thanks again!

  2. Hej Dsohigian,

    I love your overview and it's simplicity. I will use this to make a change and help guide the future generations into a society where we can enjoy and be proud of being a human.


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