Talkin’bout My Generation

I have been doing a fair bit of research into the effects of generations lately. The result of this research has been several charts and illustrations that give the big picture about where American generations (and society) are headed. This work is based primarily on the book “The Fourth Turning” by Neil Howe and William Strauss. The following slideshow (with accompanying audio) explains the first chart I created to explain the generational turnings.

6 thoughts on “Talkin’bout My Generation”

  1. Dave,
    Your blog is really fascinating. I followed your link – and am glad that I did.
    To answer your question, Gracie was born in NYC in 1913. I think that the generation
    who lived through the depression and “leaner” times has a lot to offer us.
    As you mentioned, our times may be similar, but I think that the players are so different. I can only
    hope that we can demonstrate the resilience and adaptability of the generations that
    preceded us. Thanks again for your comment. Amanda

  2. Hey Dave,
    Me again… just a question : what about european countries? Are generation in a different
    order in the old continent? Because when the US got their “high” after WW2, it’s also because
    war is good for economy when it’s not happening in your own country… and in 45, europe was not
    in what I would call a “high”! It might have come a little later, around the 60s. What do you think?

    Thanks for the slideshow by the way, it’s great !

    SeeU. Martin

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